Welcome to MANA Psychological Assessment Group

Over the years, Chuck Jung Associates has grown to be a leading provider for assessments and treatment connected to litigated claims, in particular, motor vehicle accident claims. Our team of experienced psychologists and counsellors specializes in medical-legal assessments and reporting and has expanded into the field of Independent Medical Examinations for psychological disabilities arising from unforeseen events such as motorvehicle accidents. MANA was founded by Dr. Chuck Jung in January 2017. MANA Psychological Assessment Group provides independent medical-legal assessments for psychological problems arising from personal injury.

What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

An IME is a thorough, objective assessment conducted by licensed health professionals. At Chuck Jung Associates, IMEs are conducted by highly trained Registered Psychologists with experience in this area. The purpose of an IME is to establish the cause, nature, and extent of injuries that have resulted from motor vehicle accidents. The findings from an IME are presented in a report and typically include diagnoses and treatment considerations.

For more information about IME’s visit the FAQ.