After you become registered as a psychologist, you may one of many to venture into private practice. If you do so, you will be inevitably working with a client who has psychological problems arising from a motor vehicle accident. This should not be a surprise as the Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) is one of the largest funders of psychological service in British Columbia. While well trained in the practice of psychological treatment, you will be scrambling to find information on how ICBC works; and if litigation is involved, you will be worried about the issues involved in working with the legal community. How well you navigate this field of multiple stakeholders may determine whether you will be reluctant to take another case or develop a highly rewarding career in this area.

The objective of this workshop is to provide an orientation on how to manage such cases – how to work with ICBC, the legal community, and the virtual team of service providers that come attached with your client. Topics covered will include information about the history and organization of ICBC, rates for psychological services, reporting requirements, confidentiality, the role of legal representation, medical legal issues, opportunities in providing treatment and medical legal assessments, educational challenges for brain injury survivors, developing a private practice, practice management, and marketing of services, to name a few. This workshop hopes to provide a foundation of information for graduates students to build upon in their ongoing education before and after their registration into the College of Psychologist B.C. A stellar panel of prominent professionals will be sharing their experience and guidance into this field. This workshop is a unique opportunity to acquire information from experts in the field and from the ground level, an orientation about what you need to know to do the work and the do’s and don’ts.